Sullivan Palatek

Rotary Screw


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DetailSubCategoryPart NumberCFMMaxLoad
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AA-SeriesSPAA-519 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-H517 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-7.529 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-H7.525 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-1040 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-H1036 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-1560 cfm 
AA-SeriesSPAA-H1549 cfm 
C-SeriesC-522 cfm 
C-SeriesC-7.525 cfm 
C-SeriesC-1035 cfm 
C-SeriesC-10 ID35 cfm 
C-SeriesC-1553 cfm 
C-SeriesC-15 ID53 cfm 
C-SeriesC-2081 cfm 
C-SeriesC-20 ID81 cfm 
C-SeriesC-25102 cfm 
C-SeriesC-25 ID102 cfm 
C-SeriesC-30123 cfm 
C-SeriesC-30 ID123 cfm 
CDD-Series15-CDD55 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
CDD-SeriesH15-CDD54 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
CDD-Series20-CDD80 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
CDD-SeriesH20-CDD78 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
CDD-Series25-CDD110 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
CDD-SeriesH25-CDD95 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
CDD-Series25D4-CDD95 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
CDD-SeriesH25D4-CDD95 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
CDD-Series30D7-CDD115 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
CDD-SeriesH30D7-CDD110 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
CDD-Series30DG-CDD120 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
D-Series15D55 cfm125 psig
D-SeriesH15D54 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
D-Series20D80 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
D-SeriesH20D78 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
D-SeriesHH20D53 cfm175 psig (12.1 Bar)
D-Series25D110 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
D-SeriesHH25D80 cfm175 psig
D-Series25D495 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
D-SeriesH25D490 cfm150 psig (10.4 Bar)
D-Series30D7115 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
D-SeriesH30D7110 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
D-SeriesHH30D7105 cfm175 psig (12.1 Bar)
D-Series40D166 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
D-SeriesH40D115 cfm150 psig (10.4 Bar)
D-SeriesHH40D110 cfm175 psig (12.1 Bar)
DG-Series30DG120 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
DG-Series40DG165 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
DG-SeriesH40DG125 cfm150 psig (10.3 Bar)
DG-Series50DG205 cfm125 psig (8.6 Bar)
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