Sullivan Palatek


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DetailSubCategoryPart NumberCFMPressure RangeEngine MakeEngine ModelEngine Type
Wheel MountD90PKU90 cfm (2.5 m3/min) KubotaD1105 (Tier 4 Final)Diesel
Wheel MountD185PCA185 cfm (5.2 m3/min) CaterpillarC2.2T (Tier 4 Interim)Diesel
Wheel MountD250PJD250 cfm (7.1 m3min) John Deere4045TF290 (Tier 4 Interim)Diesel
Wheel MountD300PDHHJD300 cfm (8.49 m3/min) John Deere4045HF285 Tier 3Diesel
Wheel MountD375PDCA375 cfm (10.6 m3/min) CaterpillarC4.4T (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD375PDJD375 cfm (10.6 m3/min) John Deere4045HF285 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD375Q7JDC375 cfm (10.6 m3/min) John Deere4045TF250Diesel
Wheel MountD750PH3CA750 cfm (21.2 m3/min) CaterpillarC7 ACERT (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD750PH3CU750 cfm (21.2 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD825P3CA825 cfm (23.3 m3/min) CaterpillarC7 ACERT (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD825P3CU825 cfm (23.3 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD900P3CA900 cfm (26.4 m3/min) CaterpillarC7 ACERT (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD900P3CU900 cfm (26.4 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD900PH3CU900 cfm (26.4 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD1150PXHDCU3900-1150 cfm  CumminsQSX15 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD1600PCU31600 cfm (45 m3/min) CumminsQSX15 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD1600PHCU31600 cfm (45 m3/min) CumminsQSX15 (Tier 3)Diesel
Wheel MountD1800PCU31800 cfm (51 m3/min) CumminsQSX15 (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD210SHDZ210 cfm (5.9 m3/min) DEUTZTD 2.9L4 Tier 4 FinalDiesel
OffshoreD250SDZ250 cfm (7.1 m3/min) DEUTZTD 2.9L4 Tier 4 FinalDiesel
OffshoreD300SDHHJD300 cfm (8.49m3/min) John Deere4045HF285 (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD375SDCA375 cfm (10.6 m3/min) CaterpillarC4.4T (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD375SDJD375 cfm (10.6 m3/min) John Deere4045HF285 (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD750SH3CA750 cfm (21.2 m3/min) CaterpillarC7 ACERT (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD750SH3CU750 cfm (21.2 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3Diesel
OffshoreD825S3CA825 cfm (23.3 m3/min) CaterpillarC7 ACERT (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD825S3CU825 cfm (23.3 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3Diesel
OffshoreD900S3CA900 cfm (26.4 m3/min) CaterpillarC7 ACERT (Tier 3)Diesel
OffshoreD900S3CU900 cfm (26.4 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3Diesel
OffshoreD900SH3CU900 cfm (26.4 m3/min) CumminsQSC 8.3Diesel
OffshoreD1300SHCA1300 cfm (37 m3/min) CaterpillarC15 ACERTDiesel
OffshoreD1300SHCU1300 cfm (37 m3/min) CumminsQSX15Diesel
OffshoreD1600SCA1600 cfm (45 m3/min) CaterpillarC15 ACERTDiesel
OffshoreD1600SCU1600 cfm (45 m3/min) CumminsQSX15Diesel
OffshoreD1600SHCA1600 cfm (45 m3/min) CaterpillarC15 ACERTDiesel
OffshoreD1600SHCU1600 cfm (45 m3/min) CumminsQSX15Diesel
OffshoreD1800SCA1800 cfm (51 m3/min) CaterpillarC15 ACERTDiesel
OffshoreD1800SCU1800 cfm (51 m3/min) CumminsQSX15Diesel
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