As we are coming out of COVID, Sullivan-Palatek has a new vision for its partnerships with distributors. We believe most sales of compressor products should go through distribution or a trained OEM because compressed air systems are complex. End customers should obtain substantial benefits by having a local trained professional participate with them in the product selection, installation, operation, and ongoing post-sale needs.

A the manufacturer, our role is to fully support the distributor through quality products and support. Our support team includes inside salespeople to help with product ordering, service people to help with warranty and technical issues, and a parts department to help you select replacement components no matter how old your machine might be. These are long-term staff people, knowledgeable in our business and they are available by email or phone. We are a company with people you can talk to.

We also employ several outside regional sales managers who advise you on sales strategies, applications, and local issues. The groups are separated by specialty, some are dedicated to the industrial product line whereas the other half specialize on our portable line.

As a distributor, you are responsible for acquiring customers, specifying the products in their complete compressed air system, ordering/receiving products from manufacturers and delivering to the customer, advising on installation requirements, physically installing the system, assisting the customer in the proper startup, and operation, providing preventive maintenance, repairs, and rebuilds, etc. In the case of a portable product that might be rented, the distributor will teach the user on operations, maintain the equipment and provide short-term/quick availability. A trained distributor also knows how to intervene with the manufacturer on any post-sale/startup issues. Providing this role can save end-users substantial amounts of money by doing the job right in the first place.

Bruce McFee
President & CEO
Sullivan-Palatek, Inc.