Industrial Electric

25-40 HP

Developed to be dependable and efficient, the DG-Series industrial electric direct gear drive air compressor is another versatile Sullivan-Palatek product. The DG-Series compressors offer a range of 25-40 hp. The compressor is a continuous duty, and fluid flooded rotary screw that is directly coupled to the motor for positive alignment. The compressors compact size makes it the ideal product for smaller industrial settings such as food processing, automotive shops and fabrication workshops.

Features & Benefits

  • Microprocessor controller with sequencer, lead-lag, and remote monitoring for up to 8 machines
  • Motor with Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) enclosure type for indoor and outdoor use
    • Slow turning, low RPM motors = quieter compressor and longer-lasting due to motor speed
  • The motor starter has a water-tight, dust-tight, sleet resistant NEMA 4 enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
  • The air end, manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek, has advanced rotor design features; oversize radial thrust bearings, and precision working rotary screws that provide virtually no wear
  • Protective devices include class 20 solid-state overload relay, high temperature, and overpressure shutdown switches, and anti-restart pressure switch preventing starting while air compressor is pressurized
  • Couplings and drive: the compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment and directly coupled for increased efficiency
  • Cooling system equipped with double pass air-cooled aftercooler with thermostatic control for maintaining the appropriate oil operating temperature to within 15 degrees of ambient
  • Oversized dry type air intake filter with easily replaceable elements
  • One-piece lube fill elbow and level sight glass, vented cap for pressure release when removing
  • Inlet/check valve features a one-piece housing for dependable performance and complete modulation
Model Horsepower (hp) Capacity (cfm) Pressure (psi) Motor Speed (rpm)
DG-25 25 *85 125 1750
DG-30 30 *125.1 125 1750
DG-40 40 *154.4 125 1750
DG-H40 40 *126.9 150 1750
  • Smaller Industrial Settings
  • Food Processing
  • Automotive Shops
  • Fabrication Workshops
  • Water cooled
  • Tank mounted:
    • ASME coded 120, 200, and 240 gallon with auto drain
  • Platform mounted:
    • 19″ high to keep your unit off the ground and for easy maintenance
  • Acoustical enclosure:
    • Acoustical enclosure: Easy removable panels for faster maintenance and accessibility while keeping it quiet
  • Lubricant:
    • Factory fill with Pallube 32, Pal-Extra 44, AFX 32, or Food Grade lubricant
  • Wye-Delta and Solid States starters
  • Air filter pop up indicator
  • Deluxe gauge panel:
    • Line pressure gauge, discharge pressure gauge, hour meter, temperature gauge, lube filter and separator element differential gauges
  • HATD shutdown switch:
    • Shuts the compressor if high discharge air temperature are sensed
  • Cold weather/low ambient package
  • Separator trap:
    • Captures and automatically drains condensed water, oil, and dirt
  • VFD
    • Variable Frequency Drive option, for more information, click here

*Capacity in accordance with CAGI / ISO 1217 (Annex C / Annex E)