Construction Tools

Railroad spike drivers are the same design as the standard paving breakers and have a special forged alloy striking dolly with an additional grease fitting for lower end lubrication. The SSD-60 is for used or seasoned ties and the SSD-90 is for new or green ties.

Features & Benefits

  • 4 bolt backhead
  • Heavy duty side rod bolts and springs
  • Forged alloy construction
  • Forged striking dolly
  • Internal oiler
  • grease fitting for dolly lubrication
Model Length (in) Weight (lbs) Blows per Minute (bpm)
SSD-60 24.5 29 1400
SSD-90 26.5 40.5 1250
  • Spike driving on railroads
  • Factory maintenance
  • Tent erection
  • Muffler