As Director of Field Sales, I have been tasked with managing the outside regional sales managers for both portable and industrial products. Outside sales is a critical component of our strategic plan for growth providing us with the face-to-face contact with our direct customers necessary for building and maintaining our relationships. One of the foundation blocks of our value proposition separating us from other manufacturers in this industry is our commitment to our customers and this begins with our sales managers. Building a relationship with you begins with them understanding your business, always looking for ways that Sullivan-Palatek can help add value for you, or make your job easier even if in some small way.

Earlier this year, we conducted the most intensive internal sales training in our company’s history broken into two groups, industrial and portable. The primary purpose for this training was to better define and enhance our value proposition for our customers and to then incorporate this into our day-to-day processes. During this training, the complex nature of our industry as well as the changes impressed on us by social issues such as the COVID 19 pandemic made us think about new ways we can work with and support our customers without sacrificing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The fallout from this has been to redefine what we consider success to be. Going forward, we want to be sure our sales staff understands your business and the challenges you have in acquiring and keeping new customers. We believe that superior knowledge and training is key to your success, and we expect our regional sales managers to help you in this role. To accomplish this, we have empowered them to work on any problems you may face. We have also given them any support they may need; first with a top-notch inside sales team to help you navigate quotes and sales as well as a dedicated service team available to you as well as them to make sure that if any issue should arise that you have someone that you can rely on to get you up and going as quickly as possible.

Larry Colley,
Directory of Field Sales
Sullivan-Palatek, Inc.