Utility Mount Compressors

185, 210, 260 CFM

The Utility Mount Air Compressors provide air flow rates of 185, 210, and 260 cfm, along with pressure options ranging from 100 to 150 psi.

The compressors in the 110-260 CFM range come with a convenient Sullivan-Palatek Electronic Controller (SPEC) located on the curbside. This controller offers a digital display for various readings such as DEF soot level, compressor, coolant, and engine temperatures, fuel level, engine hours, engine oil pressure, RPM’s, and more. These compressors have a compact design and easy accessibility, making them highly sought-after utility mounts in the industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Tier 4 Final engines
  • Noise level limited to 76 dBA
  • End mounted drains
  • Curbside fuel fill and air filter access
  • Exclusive three-year warranty on air end
  • Compact size for truck mounting
  • Unloaded starting feature
Model Horsepower (hp) Capacity (cfm) Pressure (psi) Engine Make
D185UIZ 49 185 100 Isuzu T4F
D210UHJD5 74 210 100/150 John Deere T4F
D260UJD4PTOW 74 260 100 John Deere T4F
  • Striping equipment
  • Service vehicles
  • Road construction
  • Cold Weather Package, includes Engine Block Heater, etc..
  • Air Filter Restriction Indicators
  • E-Stop, Emergency Stop Switch
  • Line Oiler (1 Quart or 2 Quart, capacity)
  • OSHA Valve (Velocity Fuse)
  • Battery Lockout Switch
  • Strobe Light, Amber, for “Machine Running”