Electric Construction Compressors

50-450 HP

Construction workers often rely on electric construction compressors to efficiently power their tools and equipment. These compressors are essential for various construction tasks, such as nailing, stapling, and painting. The use of electric compressors provides numerous advantages, including increased productivity and reduced noise pollution compared to traditional gas-powered compressors.

Additionally, electric construction compressors are more environmentally friendly, as they produce zero emissions and do not require the use of fossil fuels. These compressors are compact and portable, allowing workers to easily transport them to different job sites. Overall, electric construction compressors are a valuable tool that greatly contributes to the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects.

Features & Benefits

  • 460/575/3/60, 400/3/50 volt energy efficient C-Face electric motor
  • Automatic stop/start or constant speed controls
  • Built-in Aftercoolers
  • Cam-Loc Cable Connectors
  • Easily removable acoustical enclosure panels that allow for ease of maintenance
  • Heavy duty two-stage air intake filter
  • Central located lifting bail on 50-250hp, four point lift for 300-450hp
  • Lube Filter
  • Motor Starter
  • Skid Mounting
  • Variety of gauge instrumentation controls
Model Horsepower (hp) Capacity (cfm) Pressure (psi)
50UD-ECC 50 178 150
SP16-100 ECC 100 410 150
SP20-200 ECC 200 810 150
SP20-250 ECC 250 960 150
SP20-300 ECC 300 1100 150
SP32-400 ECC 400 1438 150
SP32-450 ECC 450 1570 150
  • Utility Companies
  • Paper Mills
  • Shipyards
  • Power Plants