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Industrial Electric Air Compressors

Compressor Series Literature Sales Sheet
SPM-Series 5, 7.5HP
D-Series 15 – 40HP
DG-Series 25 – 40HP
UD-Series 40, 50HP
SP11-Series 25 – 40HP
SP13-Series 40 – 60HP
SP16-Series 60 – 125HP
SP20-Series 125 – 300HP
SP32-Series 300 – 450HP
Reciprocating 5, 7.5, 10HP
LSC-Series 15-30/40-50/50-60
ECC 50-400HP Electric Construction

Air Dryers and Filters

Equipment Type Literature Sales Sheet
Refrigerated Dryers
Air Filters
Regenerative Dryers
ASME Air Filter Housing

Supporting Equipment

Equipment Type Literature Sales Sheet
Aftercooler Packages
OEM Air and Gas Ends

Portable Diesel Air Compressors

Compressor Model Literature Sales Sheet
D110PKUW Tier 4 Final
D185PKR Tier 4 Final
D185PDKR Tier 4 Final
D185PIZP Tier 4 Final
D185PIZ4 Tier 4 Final
D210PHKR Tier 4 Final
D260PDKR Tier 4 Final
D375PHKR Tier 4 Final
D750-900PH5CU5 Tier 4 Final
DR750-10TCA Tier 3
D1150PXHD1CU4 Tier 4 Final

Utility Diesel Air Compressors

Compressor Model Literature Sales Sheet
D185UIZ Tier 4 Final
D210UHJD5 Tier 4 Final
D260UJD4PTOW Tier 4 Final


Lubricant Types Sales Sheet
Industrial Electric Compressor Lubricants
Portable Diesel Compressor Lubricant