Construction Cooling & Drying Packages

500-1600 CFM

Our aftercooler and dryer air treatment skid packages are the perfect solution for removing moisture from compressed air. The coalescing prefilter of this unit removes any liquid moisture carryover. Additionally, the operation of the skid package is fully automated and controlled by an electronic timing module. Strong and durable, this package is constructed with a heavy-duty drag/fork skid with an I-beam frame and a single lift point.

Features & Benefits

  • Operation of the desiccant dryer skid package is automated with all sequencing and function controlled by an electronic timing module
  • Wet compressed air discharged from the air compressor enters the Aftercooler where the compressed air temperature is reduced to near ambient
  • The coalescing prefilter removes any liquid moisture carryover
  • The regenerative dryer reduces air to -40ºF outlet dewpoint
  • Aftercooler fan is available with air or electric motor
  • 100 – 4000 cfm
  • Heavy duty drag/fork skid with I-beam frame and single point lift
  • Heavy duty control filter
  • High performance .01 micron coalescer
  • Centrifugal separator with drain
Model Height (in)
Length (in)
Width (in) Weight (lbs)
SPAF-500 86.00 60.50 50.00 2300
SPAF-1000 96.00 75.00 62.38 3655
SPAF-1600 103.50 96.00 73.00 4918
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Industrial Settings
  • Water cooled
  • Tank mounted:
    • ASME coded 80, 120, and 200 gallon with auto drain