Line Shaft Compressor

The Line Shaft Compressor series, also known as the LSC air compressor series, engineers the compressors to operate through a line shaft powered by a diesel engine. The compressors have pillow blocks that allow for convenient belt installation. They cater to a wide range of applications ranging from 15 to 60 HP with three different models available.

Furthermore, they have uncomplicated pneumatic controls and a temperature safety shut down feature to ensure their protection.

Features & Benefits

  • COMPRESSOR – Continuous duty oil flooded rotary screw industrial air compressor
  • PILLOW BLOCK – Solidly mounted and aligned to compressor shaft allowing drive shaft direct connection and minimizing power loss
  • FRAME – Rugged steel construction
  • COUPLING & DRIVE – Compressor is flange mounted to frame for positive alignment and directly driven by low maintenance coupling
  • AIR INTAKE FILTER – Heavy duty dry type with replaceable element
  • SEPARATOR TANK – ASME coded 200 PSIG sump tank, minimum pressure check valve, relief valve, high-efficiency replaceable oil separator element, fluid level sight indicator, and vented fill cap
  • COOLING SYSTEM – Air cooled with air-cooled oil cooler and aftercooler.  Compressor temperature maintained by auto-adjusting thermo valve
  • CONTROLS – Full modulation pneumatic control for smooth control.  Pilot unloader valve for minimizing power with no air demand.
  • INSTRUMENTATION – Air pressure and discharge temperature gauges
  • PROTECTIVE DEVICES – High temperature shut down switch for interfacing to driver’s safety circuit.  Overpressure relief valve
  • LUBRICATION – Factory filled with Palasyn 45.  Equipped with microfiber full flow, spin on oil filter.
Model 15-30LSC 40-50LSC 50-60LSC
Capacity (cfm) 55-115 165-210 215-265
Maximum full load/unload (psig) 125 125 125
Minimum full load (psig) 60 60 60
Minimum required driver (hp) 20-35 47-60 65-70
Compressor RPM 1750-3550 3550-4500 4250-5250
Rotor diameter (mm) 108 108 108
L/D 1.65 1.65 2.1

Communities that do not have electricity available or generators to power their compressor

  • Wood shops
  • Machine shops
  • Painting facilities
  • Platform mounted
  • Tank mounted