Industrial Electric

300-450 HP

Sullivan-Palatek engineers the SP32 Series for superior power and performance, delivering sustainable compressed air solutions while still maintaining expected durability. We offer this industrial electric air compressor in a range of 300-450 hp. Our units boast robust Sullivan-Palatek made air ends at their core and oversized coolers for more demanding real-world environments.

The dependability and strength of this machine make it the ideal product for heavy goods manufacturing, the automotive industry, and even the metal fabrication industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Motor with Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) enclosure type
    • Slow turning, low RPM motors = quieter compressor and longer-lasting due to motor speed
  • Air end manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek
  • 460-volt, solid state with 115-volt control motor starter
  • Equipped with a Q1 microprocessor, the controller is able to handle the web access monitoring and sequencing of up to 12 compressors
  • The air intake filter includes an oversized dry type with easily replaceable elements
  • The compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment
Model Horsepower (hp) Capacity (cfm) Pressure (psi) Motor Speed (rpm)
SP32-300 300 1,490 100 1800
SP32-350 350 1,480 125 1800
SP32-400 400 1,633 125 1800
SP32-450 450 1,730 125 1800
  • Heavy Goods Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Metal Fabrication Industry
  • Water cooled
  • Acoustical enclosure:
    • Easily removable panels for faster maintenance and accessibility while keeping it quiet
  • Lubricant:
    • Factory fill with Pallube 32, Pal-Extra 44, AFX 32, or Food Grade lubricant
  • TEFC motor
  • Wye-Delta and Solid States starters
  • Air filter pop up indicator
  • Deluxe gauge panel:
    • Line pressure gauge, discharge pressure gauge, hour meter, temperature gauge, lube filter, and separator element differential gauges
  • HATD shutdown switch:
    • Shuts the compressor if high discharge air temperature is sensed
  • Cold weather/low ambient package
  • Separator trap:
    • Captures and automatically drains condensed water, oil, and dirt
  • VFD
    • Variable Frequency Drive option, for more information, click here

Capacity in accordance with CAGI / ISO 1217 (Annex C / Annex E)